*M* Family

I met Shannon and her family last year after they were referred to me by some other clients and they are so much fun.  She is so creative and knows exactly what she wants and offers ideas (which I LOVE.  Makes my job so much easier! lol)  So, anyway, last year we met at Newtown Battlefield on a Sunday afternoon.  This year we met at Eldridge Park on a Friday evening, and we got some great shots.  Here are my favorites:











It was so good to see you again, Shannon.  I can’t believe how grown up your boys are getting.  I’m looking forward to next year!  🙂


One thought on “*M* Family

  1. Awwwe! Thanks so much Rachel! These are pretty much all my favorites too!! I also really liked the one of Landon, when he is off to the left! And I just ordered a canvas of the the one of us under the bridge and can’t wait to see it! …And thanks for suggesting Eldridge Park! It was awesome, with a lot of cool backgrounds to use! I loved the pond (it was just what I was looking for) and the tunnel under the the railroad tracks! Thanks so much for another great year of beautiful, outdoor family pictures 🙂


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