Boudoir Valentine Minis!

Yesterday I announced on Facebook my Boudoir Valentine Minis.  I have heard a lot of people saying that they would love to do them if only they were a few pounds lighter or if they were happier with their body.  I understand what they are saying, because seriously, who is ever 100% happy with their body?  The Victoria’s Secret models maybe, but not normal women like us.  I wanted to take a few minutes to let everyone know that you don’t have to have a perfect body or be a certain weight to have these photos done.  It is all about seizing the moment and believing (maybe for the first time ever) that you are beautiful.  It is about seeing those photos once they are all done and being shocked that they are really of you.  Trust me, when your husband/boyfriend/significant other sees them the look on his face will be more than enough to make you  believe that you are amazing.

Here are a few photos from a boudoir session I did for a friend back in May.  I think you will all agree with me that while she is not supermodel skinny she is definitely beautiful.  (And she agreed with me, too, once she saw the pictures.  So much so that she told me to share them.)

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A little question and answer:

What made you interested in doing a boudoir session?
I wanteds to do something unique and special for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday.

How were you feeling during your session?
Sexy and empowered

How do the pictures make you feel when you look at them?
Oh my… well, I don’t have the greatest figure or the best self body image BUT these pictures made me feel amazing! It’s like Rachel captured the most beautiful parts of me (and not just my physical self, she captured the very essence of who I am)

Would you recommend a boudoir session to other women and if so why or why not?
Absolutely. No one is 100% in love with their body, but this is a way to showcase yourself. Show the world that, it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are but you are beautiful!

What was your boyfriends reaction when he saw the pictures?
His smile was priceless. I made him an album of my favorites and he opened it, looked at me and said, “Baby, really? For Me? WOW…” and just smiled more with every turn of the page…

boudoir session flyer


Contact me for more information!


*A* Family

Jackie contacted me in October about scheduling a family session.  We met up in November, after they drove all the way from Maryland to see me!  To say that I was a week bit nervous is an understatement.  Once I met them all my nervousness melted away and we had a great time.

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It was great to meet you and your family, Jackie.  Thank you for driving all the way up here and trusting me to capture these photos for you.  I’m looking forward to seeing you again!  🙂

*H* Family

I met Lisa through my local MOPS group (if you are not a part of one you should be!  Let me know and I can try to get you hooked up with a local chapter in your area.)  We met up on a Friday afternoon in November.  Unfortunately most of the leaves were gone by this point, but it was a beautiful sunny day, and we got some really good shots.

Lisa has a beautiful family, and her kids were just awesome.

This right here has to be my favorite shot.

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She was so tired, but was such a rock star.



stamp7 stamp8 stamp9


Thanks again, Lisa!  You guys were awesome!  🙂

Jennifer & Terry *I Do* 10.27.12

I have known Jennifer since I was a little girl.  She lived across the street from us and my cousins and I would go swimming at her house.  When she contacted me about photographing her wedding ceremony I was so excited.  I met with her and Terry to show them my work and they decided they wanted me as their photographer, which made me so happy.  Jennifer is awesome, and Terry is just a great guy.  He has such a great sense of humor and always seems to laugh.

They got married in a very intimate ceremony on a Saturday evening in late October, and it was just perfect.  You could feel the love that they felt for each other.  The church was very big and old, but there was a warm, cozy atmosphere the entire time.

Here are some of my favorites:

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Thank you again, Jennifer and Terry for giving me the opportunity to capture this beautiful day for you.  Congratulations, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!

Beautiful Souls

I want to stop reading the stories of the victims and what happened last Friday, but I can’t bring myself to stop clicking the links.  I feel like I need to know as much about these beautiful souls as possible, because I know that if one of my babies was taken away from me I would want the world to know what their laugh sounded like, or how Reuben jumps at the chance to help and gets such joy out of knowing he did a good job.  I would want everyone to know that while Julia struggles with her temper and using kind words sometimes she would do anything for anyone.  Literally.  One day last week she came home from school to tell me that a child she didn’t even know fell on the playground and was crying.  She said that she wished it had been her because she doesn’t like when people cry and it made her heart hurt.

I would want to share with anyone that would listen.  I would want them to know how amazing my babies are.  How much I love them, and how much they love life.  How they love painting and dancing.  How they love laughing and drawing pictures for everyone in their lives.  How Reuben collapses in a fit of giggles if I simply touch his belly, and how Julia likes to paint her fingernails a million different colors.

So I keep reading, and every time I read my heart breaks all over again.  I cry when I hug my kids after dropping them off at school when I think about those parents who will never hug their children again.  I sit silently by their bedside before I go to sleep.  I listen to their breathing and watch their chest rise and fall.  I brush their hair off their forehead and kiss their sweet cheeks.  I say a prayer for those families that will no longer be able to do that.  I lay in bed and I think about those 20 beautiful souls that that will never go to their prom, or drive a car, or get their first kiss.  Those 20 beautiful souls that will never get married or have babies of their own.  I think of the selfless teachers that gave their lives trying to protect them.  And I think of the shooter and his mother.  Yes.  I think of them, too.  Because no matter how heinous the crime, they have family and friends that are suffering. It is a tragedy all around, for everyone involved.

I pray for peace for everyone that was touched by the events of Friday.  I cry, and although I feel incredibly selfish, I thank God with my whole entire being that I still have my babies here with me.

Christmas Fun

I have so many personal photos I need to blog, but I thought I’d just share some Christmas photos in case any of you need help getting in the mood.  (It’s been a bit difficult for me, considering it’s a week from Christmas and it’s in the 40’s and raining this week.)  I’m not a big snow person, but I’d rather have snow the week before Christmas than rain.

So, we set our tree up on Thanksgiving weekend and then we spend a lot of time in front of the tree reading stories, coloring, and telling secrets in the evening.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the last couple weeks.

stamp1 stamp1 resized collage stamp2 stamp2 stamp3


These are my angels, two of my biggest blessings that have ever been bestowed on me.

*C* Family Session

Wow – it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged anything!  Well, let’s see, Roberta is my hairdresser (and she’s AMAZING, btw.)  She owns her own salon here in Waverly called Stiletto’s Hair and Nails.  (  So anyway, I digress.  I met Roberta earlier this year and she is such a sweetheart.  Her son is in my daughters grade and her daughter is my sons age so when I take my kids with me to get my hair done and they act like fools she totally gets it.  I took some photographs of her salon for her website over the summer, it was the first time I did anything like that but it was fun.  Then she took advantage of a special offer I had on Facebook and booked a session for her and her family.  We met on a Wednesday afternoon at her moms house and we were so lucky that the rain stopped for our session.

Here are some of my favorite images from her session.  Seriously, are her kids not the most adorable ever?!?  And her and her husband…love them!

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Roberta, thank you again for giving me the opportunity to take these photographs for you.  Your family is awesome and I can’t wait to do it again!