*Miss H – Boudoir*

I’m going to skip ahead with my blog for a few minutes.  Last weekend I did a boudoir marathon for Valentine’s Day.  What a great way to spend the day – getting your hair and make up done and getting to have some photos taken that will not only make you look sexy, but make you FEEL sexy as well.  And at the end of it all you have a major boost to your ego, and a VERY happy boyfriend/fiance/husband.  I photographed five GORGEOUS ladies in the last week and a half.  I was given permission by this beauty to share her photos, so here we go.

She is not a supermodel.  She is a mom of four beautiful babies (all born within 6 years of each other).  She is not stick thin.  She has curves.  And she totally made it work.  Tell me she is not gorgeous.

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It’s natural to be nervous and self-conscious.  Trust me when I say that it is so much fun and you will not regret it.  If you have any questions or want more information on what to expect feel free to shoot me an email at rachel@rachelklinephoto.com and I will get back to you asap.


Fairy Tale Princess

On Thanksgiving we had such beautiful weather – sunny and in the low 50’s, that I told my daughter to put on one of her princess dresses because we were going to go outside and take some pictures.  Then my sister put a tad bit of make up on her, and I did her hair for her.  She was cooperative for only a short while, but I managed to get a couple shots that I just adored.

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And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my most beautiful girl.

*Maddy Turns 2*

I am SO behind on blogging!  Trying to catch up and then I need to be more regular about this.  I was invited by Stephanie and Terry to be a part of the celebration for their daughter Maddy’s 2nd birthday.  This is the third time I have photographed Maddy and her family and I really do consider them to be friends now.  I photographed Maddy’s first birthday in 2011, and then last May I did some family photos/three generation photos, and then got to capture some awesome moments at her second birthday.  I am so unbelievably thankful for repeat clients – especially clients as wonderful as these.

Maddy really is a doll.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the party:

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Thank you for your friendship and your continued support, Stephanie!  I appreciate it more than you know!

*G* Family Session

Dana was referred to me by a client and we met on a beautiful Saturday morning in November at her house.  As I drove I was worried because the sun wasn’t coming out and there was a lot of fog that I knew would make things difficult for me in getting the shots I wanted, but about two miles from the house I rounded a curve and suddenly the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and there was not a trace of fog.  Somebody up there loved me!

When I got there I snapped some photos of Dana and her daughter in her daughters room and then we all headed outside to get some shots on their property – which was beautiful.  I’m hoping for some leaves on the trees for our next session.

Here are my favorites:

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Thank you, Dana and Bill, it was great to meet you.  You have such a great family!

The Hope Act

In the last six weeks since the Sandy Hook shootings many photographers have jumped on board for what is called “The Olivia Act” and they asked people to nominate a family that would otherwise not be able to afford family photos.  They then chose a deserving family and rewarded them with a free 30 minute session and a disc of all the images.  I took part in this as well.

However, there are other photographers that have begun to take part in “The Hope Act”.  This was started by photography Kristen Huntley, who is located in Fort Bragg, NC.  Here is a link to her blog entry and the details:  http://kristenhuntleyphotographer.com/2012/12/19/the-hope-act/

I was bullied in school.  It started in fifth grade when I moved to a small town in PA after living in Ithaca, NY for three years.  In Ithaca I had friends.  Everybody knew me.  When my mom walked me to school someone would always fall into step beside us or teachers would honk and wave as they drove by.  I was outgoing, bubbly, and just loved life.  When we moved that all changed.  First I moved while my mom and stepfather got things squared away in Ithaca.  I lived with my grandparents, and they were like a ray of warm sunshine on a cold and rainy day.  I would go to school and get picked on because I dressed differently.  I listened to different music.  I was called names.  I had a couple friends, but that didn’t stop the name calling.

In sixth grade it got worse.  I would walk my sister home from kindergarten and as we walked through the empty field between the elementary/middle school and the high school kids would gather behind us.  They would call me names.  They would throw things at me. Sometimes sticks and small rocks.  Once, in the winter time, someone threw a chunk of ice at me and hit me in the side of the head.  It was humiliating.  In seventh grade it got even worse and girls would push me and try to fight me because they thought I liked their boyfriends.  Once I was sitting outside at lunch and reading a book and a girl just walked up to me and punched me in the head.  Twice.  For no reason at all.  I withdrew from a lot of people.  I worried what people thought about me.  I hated my smile.  My hair.  My body.  Myself.  In eighth and ninth grade I was obsessed with the book Carrie.  I thought “how awesome would it be if I could just make them all disappear.  Just like She did.”  I wrote a story in ninth grade about a girl that burned down the school and then went home and killed herself.  Nowadays that would be immediate cause to call the police.  Instead I was spoken to about how it was inappropriate to write such things and was told to redo it.  Nobody ever seemed to care.

In tenth grade and through the rest of high school it got…better.  Instead of being harassed and picked on I was left alone.  Almost completely alone.  I had a few good friends, but other than that nobody ever spoke to me.  Nobody acknowledged me.  I was very lonely.

All of this effected me deeply and to this day I still struggle with feeling unwanted.  I wonder why people don’t like me.  I still look at myself and pick apart everything that is wrong with me.  Every reason why my husband should be disgusted by me and I wonder why he isn’t.  I feel that it is very important to make sure every child and teen knows that they are loved.  That they are worthy.  Strong.  Beautiful.  That is why I am going to take part in The Hope Act.  I am going to be accepting nominations starting today.  Every month I am going to randomly choose someone to receive a free session.  With this session they will receive a cd with 10 retouched images and a print release, and they will have a featured entry on my blog telling everyone a little bit about themselves.  If I can help, even in a small way, to make a child see their worth, then I will have done my part.

Starting now you may email your nominations to me at rachel@rachelklinephoto.com or message me on my Facebook page (the link to that is over there —-> )  Tell me a little bit about yourself, or the person you care about that has been a victim of bullying.  I am so excited to have a chance to meet some awesome new people and to help them realize that they are worth it.

Searching for Senior Representatives for the Class of 2014!

I have been thinking a lot about my business lately, and what direction I want to see it go in this year.  If you were to ask me what I like to photograph the most my immediate (and generic) answer would be “people”.  Sure, I can appreciate a beautiful landscape photograph, but I have a hard time getting the image to appear the way that I see it.  I feel that God gave me the ability to capture people, and who they are,  in a photograph.  So that years later you can look back and remember that moment in time.  And you remember how you felt.

So, my less generic answer to anyone that asks what I like to photograph most would first and foremost be children and families.  I am in my element when chasing around little kiddos and capturing their laughter.  After all, I spend all day chasing after MY children.  I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at getting completely natural smiles from them, even when they want nothing more than for me to go away already.  A close second would be high school seniors.  When I started my business two and a half years ago my best (read: most cooperative) models were my sister and her friends.  While they weren’t quite seniors, they are almost there now.  I have had a lot of practice with these amazing teens and they are so much fun.  They are wild and crazy.  They are on the edge of adulthood and realizing all that it means.  They laugh.  A lot.  They believe they can (and will) make a real difference in this world.  I believe it.  I love that I can capture who they are at this moment.  When they are on the verge and not quite sure if they are ready, but wanting to be ready all at the same time.  Does that make any sense?

So, because of this, I want to spend this year – 2013 – focusing mostly on children and families, and high school seniors!  I will be up for anything.  Bring props that show who YOU are.  Do you have an awesome car?  We’ll photograph it.  Do you play guitar?  Bring it!  Ride horses or just love animals?  I will capture who you are and what you love.  No matter what, no matter where.  (Just make sure it’s legal, first!)

So, with that being said, I am proud to announce my 2014 Senior Rep Program!  I will be looking for up to two reps from local schools.  If you are interested all you need to do is click on the link below, fill out the form, and hit send.  Could it be any easier?  If you are chosen you will be notified by email and will receive the following:

– a 30 minute session on location with 1 outfit

– a zip file (that will be emailed to you within a couple days of our shoot!) with 5 of your best low resolution images with watermark just for facebook and your other social networking sites.

– 50 Rep Luxe Cards designed by Rachel Kline Photography to give out to your friends

Basically your sole responsibility is to pass out the rep cards to your friends!

For each friend that books a shoot with me (and brings the rep card you gave them),

you will get 1 “point”.

What are points?  Points can be redeemed for FREE STUFF!  (Who doesn’t love free stuff?)  Here is a list of what you can get:

2 points= free 8×10

5 points = free Set of Accordion Mini Brag Books (3)

10 points = free 8×10 Soft Cover Book

15 points = free 11×14 Fine Art Canvas Wrap

20 points = free BFF photo shoot post-graduation , including CD of session and(2) 4×5 Soft Cover Books

[You can book a full 2 hour session with 4 outfit changes any time throughout the year and your points will be redeemable during that session!]

I will pick 2 reps from each school and if you are the rep with the most points out of all the schools you will get to choose any prize you wish from the above list! That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

All you have to do is pass out your rep cards to your friends and classmates!

Interested?  Just click this link to enter:  2014 Senior Rep Application

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