Kaitlynn ~ SHS Class of 2014

So I haven’t posted a blog entry in FOREVER.  I have been super busy with sessions and weddings and preparing for our newest arrival this coming October.  A baby boy that we will name Harrison Joseph!  We had a gender reveal session with my friend Jeanette from  Lennon Photography and here is my favorite shot:



You can find her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/jlennonphotography

Okay, so anyway, on to the business at hand.  Senior photos!!  I met up with Kaitlynn and her mom on a super warm, super sunny morning back in June and we just wandered around downtown Sayre getting some awesome shots.  (Kind of off-topic, but can I say how much I love my iphone and being able to access my pinterest for pose ideas??  It was wonderful!)  We spent about two hours together, and these were my favorites.  Isn’t she absolutely beautiful?

resize1 resize3 resize4 resize6 resize11 resize20 resize28 resize33




Congratulations on your senior year, Kaitlynn!!  I hope it is fantastic!

There’s still time to book your senior session for class of 2014.  Shoot me an email at rachel@rachelklinephoto.com for more information!


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