Allie – Class of 2014 WHS

I met Allie last summer when one of the lovely girls that babysits for me on occasion asked me to do a best friends session for her.  When Allie’s mom contacted me at the beginning of the summer to schedule a session I was thrilled to be able to meet up with her again.  She has such a friendly personality, and a great smile.

We met at Waverly Glen hoping to get some good shots, but it became clear after about three minutes that the bugs were going to be too much so we hustled out of there and went to downtown Waverly and then finished up at the boat launch in Wilawana.  For most of the session it was cloudy and humid, but just as we were finishing up the sun came out and it was so beautiful we ended up shooting for an extra half hour.

Thanks for being so awesome to work with, Allie!  Best of luck this year!!  (And if you’re a senior at Waverly High School and haven’t had your photos done yet it’s not too late.  Ask Allie how to get in touch with me and you can save $25 off your session fee – and she gets some goodies, too!)

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