Week 3/52 | Light

Week 3 | Light

I knew as soon as I saw the theme for week 3 that you would be my subject.  You have filled my life with so much light since the day I found out you were growing inside my belly.  This is especially true in recent weeks when I have struggled with the darkness of losing the baby.  You point out beautiful sunrises and sunsets, which is no different from normal – that is something that you and I have always enjoyed looking at, but now you always tell me that is “Jackie” letting us know that she (you insist the baby was a girl) is watching out for us.

Beyond the light that you bring into my life with your smiles, your stories, and your laughter, you have an even more beautiful light that is glowing softly inside you.  Sometimes you feel unsure of yourself.  You worry that other people are looking at you or laughing at you.  You’re afraid to make mistakes.  You are hard on yourself and you struggle with your temper.  You worry that you’re a bad person and mean because you yell.  But you care about other people.  You hate to see people hurting.  You are an amazing big sister and are fiercely protective of your brothers.  You are passionate about the things that matter – like friendship and Jesus.

There will come a day when everyone will see the light inside you.  When they will be blinded by it’s beautiful brightness.  Don’t EVER let anyone put that light out.  I see it.  I know it’s there.  Someday you will, too