Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce

These photos are the reason that I am going to start taking my camera with me everywhere I go.  I was at my moms and my sister came downstairs, not dressed fancy by any means, but it was snowing outside and I just knew that her red hat would look amazing with the snow, and, let’s face it.  She’s beautiful anyway, so that helps.  Anyway, we ran outside and snapped just a few photos, and I was right.  They turned out great.  I love the pop of color against the white snow, and the gray sweater looks good with the red and white as well.

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Pure perfection.  She’s such a beautiful girl with an even more beautiful heart.


Project 365

Happy New Year everyone!  2013 was good to me, photograph-wise.  Lots of new clients and lots of sessions.  But I felt like things were getting boring for me.  I was shooting what everyone else wanted.  It was work, and it wasn’t as fun as it used to be.  I feel like I didn’t do much growing last year, so my challenge to myself this year is to take one photo a day just for myself.  Whether it’s of my kids, or of the snowfall, or a flower.  No rules, no restrictions.  I am doing this for me to break out of my rut and to keep things fresh.

So, here is my first photo of the year – 1/365

Little Hands
Little HandsThis is a photo of my boys.  My older son rarely wants to hold his little brother.  He is only five, and I think he expected little H to come out all ready to play video games and villain vs. superhero.  When he learned that isn’t how it works he decided he would rather play on his own.  I guess babies are quite boring when you’re a five year old boy.  Today, though, we got to my moms house and Reuben offered to hold his brother while I grabbed the dvd from the van. When I came back in I grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos.  This one was my favorite.  The way Harrison’s hand is clutching Reuben’s fingers is just perfect.

If you decide to do your own project 365 please share the link with me.  I’d love to follow along!

Fairy Tale Princess

On Thanksgiving we had such beautiful weather – sunny and in the low 50’s, that I told my daughter to put on one of her princess dresses because we were going to go outside and take some pictures.  Then my sister put a tad bit of make up on her, and I did her hair for her.  She was cooperative for only a short while, but I managed to get a couple shots that I just adored.

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And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my most beautiful girl.

Boudoir Valentine Minis!

Yesterday I announced on Facebook my Boudoir Valentine Minis.  I have heard a lot of people saying that they would love to do them if only they were a few pounds lighter or if they were happier with their body.  I understand what they are saying, because seriously, who is ever 100% happy with their body?  The Victoria’s Secret models maybe, but not normal women like us.  I wanted to take a few minutes to let everyone know that you don’t have to have a perfect body or be a certain weight to have these photos done.  It is all about seizing the moment and believing (maybe for the first time ever) that you are beautiful.  It is about seeing those photos once they are all done and being shocked that they are really of you.  Trust me, when your husband/boyfriend/significant other sees them the look on his face will be more than enough to make you  believe that you are amazing.

Here are a few photos from a boudoir session I did for a friend back in May.  I think you will all agree with me that while she is not supermodel skinny she is definitely beautiful.  (And she agreed with me, too, once she saw the pictures.  So much so that she told me to share them.)

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A little question and answer:

What made you interested in doing a boudoir session?
I wanteds to do something unique and special for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday.

How were you feeling during your session?
Sexy and empowered

How do the pictures make you feel when you look at them?
Oh my… well, I don’t have the greatest figure or the best self body image BUT these pictures made me feel amazing! It’s like Rachel captured the most beautiful parts of me (and not just my physical self, she captured the very essence of who I am)

Would you recommend a boudoir session to other women and if so why or why not?
Absolutely. No one is 100% in love with their body, but this is a way to showcase yourself. Show the world that, it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are but you are beautiful!

What was your boyfriends reaction when he saw the pictures?
His smile was priceless. I made him an album of my favorites and he opened it, looked at me and said, “Baby, really? For Me? WOW…” and just smiled more with every turn of the page…

boudoir session flyer


Contact me for more information!

*A* Family

Jackie contacted me in October about scheduling a family session.  We met up in November, after they drove all the way from Maryland to see me!  To say that I was a week bit nervous is an understatement.  Once I met them all my nervousness melted away and we had a great time.

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It was great to meet you and your family, Jackie.  Thank you for driving all the way up here and trusting me to capture these photos for you.  I’m looking forward to seeing you again!  🙂

*H* Family

I met Lisa through my local MOPS group (if you are not a part of one you should be!  Let me know and I can try to get you hooked up with a local chapter in your area.)  We met up on a Friday afternoon in November.  Unfortunately most of the leaves were gone by this point, but it was a beautiful sunny day, and we got some really good shots.

Lisa has a beautiful family, and her kids were just awesome.

This right here has to be my favorite shot.

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She was so tired, but was such a rock star.



stamp7 stamp8 stamp9


Thanks again, Lisa!  You guys were awesome!  🙂

Jennifer & Terry *I Do* 10.27.12

I have known Jennifer since I was a little girl.  She lived across the street from us and my cousins and I would go swimming at her house.  When she contacted me about photographing her wedding ceremony I was so excited.  I met with her and Terry to show them my work and they decided they wanted me as their photographer, which made me so happy.  Jennifer is awesome, and Terry is just a great guy.  He has such a great sense of humor and always seems to laugh.

They got married in a very intimate ceremony on a Saturday evening in late October, and it was just perfect.  You could feel the love that they felt for each other.  The church was very big and old, but there was a warm, cozy atmosphere the entire time.

Here are some of my favorites:

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Thank you again, Jennifer and Terry for giving me the opportunity to capture this beautiful day for you.  Congratulations, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!