Project 365 Day 2 – “Snow Day”

We are snowed in today with 7+ inches of snow already.  In an attempt to get some exercise in I headed out to shovel the driveway before hubby went to work (all exercise benefits were quickly thwarted when I ate 5 slices of garlic pizza for lunch.  Whoops!)  My Reuben came outside to help me and we enjoyed chatting and throwing a little bit of snow at each other.  I figured this was the perfect time for me to get my camera and get my shot in for today.



Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce

These photos are the reason that I am going to start taking my camera with me everywhere I go.  I was at my moms and my sister came downstairs, not dressed fancy by any means, but it was snowing outside and I just knew that her red hat would look amazing with the snow, and, let’s face it.  She’s beautiful anyway, so that helps.  Anyway, we ran outside and snapped just a few photos, and I was right.  They turned out great.  I love the pop of color against the white snow, and the gray sweater looks good with the red and white as well.

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Pure perfection.  She’s such a beautiful girl with an even more beautiful heart.

Project 365

Happy New Year everyone!  2013 was good to me, photograph-wise.  Lots of new clients and lots of sessions.  But I felt like things were getting boring for me.  I was shooting what everyone else wanted.  It was work, and it wasn’t as fun as it used to be.  I feel like I didn’t do much growing last year, so my challenge to myself this year is to take one photo a day just for myself.  Whether it’s of my kids, or of the snowfall, or a flower.  No rules, no restrictions.  I am doing this for me to break out of my rut and to keep things fresh.

So, here is my first photo of the year – 1/365

Little Hands
Little HandsThis is a photo of my boys.  My older son rarely wants to hold his little brother.  He is only five, and I think he expected little H to come out all ready to play video games and villain vs. superhero.  When he learned that isn’t how it works he decided he would rather play on his own.  I guess babies are quite boring when you’re a five year old boy.  Today, though, we got to my moms house and Reuben offered to hold his brother while I grabbed the dvd from the van. When I came back in I grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos.  This one was my favorite.  The way Harrison’s hand is clutching Reuben’s fingers is just perfect.

If you decide to do your own project 365 please share the link with me.  I’d love to follow along!

Allie – Class of 2014 WHS

I met Allie last summer when one of the lovely girls that babysits for me on occasion asked me to do a best friends session for her.  When Allie’s mom contacted me at the beginning of the summer to schedule a session I was thrilled to be able to meet up with her again.  She has such a friendly personality, and a great smile.

We met at Waverly Glen hoping to get some good shots, but it became clear after about three minutes that the bugs were going to be too much so we hustled out of there and went to downtown Waverly and then finished up at the boat launch in Wilawana.  For most of the session it was cloudy and humid, but just as we were finishing up the sun came out and it was so beautiful we ended up shooting for an extra half hour.

Thanks for being so awesome to work with, Allie!  Best of luck this year!!  (And if you’re a senior at Waverly High School and haven’t had your photos done yet it’s not too late.  Ask Allie how to get in touch with me and you can save $25 off your session fee – and she gets some goodies, too!)

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Sarah – Class of 2014 AAHS

What can I say about Sarah?  Besides being absolutely beautiful, a natural in front of the camera, and an aspiring actress/singer, she is my cousin.  My little six year old cousin who was just running around at my wedding reception getting into all kinds of trouble is now 17 and preparing to start her senior year of high school.

When my aunt came to me and told me that she wanted me to take Sarah’s senior photos I was thrilled.  (Just because someone is family doesn’t mean they will always come to you for their photography needs, you know.)  We planned for months to get the perfect location(s).  We didn’t want the same old, same old of the Valley.  We wanted something unique and beautiful.  We finally settled on Watkins Glen, and since my aunt wasn’t exactly sure how to get there we met at the mall for her to follow us up.  Of course, about 20 minutes before we met it started raining, but it stopped and turned to just a mist so we decided to brave it in the hopes that it would clear up.  I am so glad that we did, because the sun came out and the weather decided to cooperate.

Here are just a few of my favorite shots.  And if you are going to be a senior at AAHS this year and haven’t had your senior photos done yet, ask Sarah how to contact me.  You can save $25 on your session fee!

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Kaitlynn ~ SHS Class of 2014

So I haven’t posted a blog entry in FOREVER.  I have been super busy with sessions and weddings and preparing for our newest arrival this coming October.  A baby boy that we will name Harrison Joseph!  We had a gender reveal session with my friend Jeanette from  Lennon Photography and here is my favorite shot:



You can find her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/jlennonphotography

Okay, so anyway, on to the business at hand.  Senior photos!!  I met up with Kaitlynn and her mom on a super warm, super sunny morning back in June and we just wandered around downtown Sayre getting some awesome shots.  (Kind of off-topic, but can I say how much I love my iphone and being able to access my pinterest for pose ideas??  It was wonderful!)  We spent about two hours together, and these were my favorites.  Isn’t she absolutely beautiful?

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Congratulations on your senior year, Kaitlynn!!  I hope it is fantastic!

There’s still time to book your senior session for class of 2014.  Shoot me an email at rachel@rachelklinephoto.com for more information!

Lifestyle Photography

With the weather being colder a lot of people forgo typical photo sessions to stay inside.  If you have a new baby or younger children it only makes sense, but did you know that a lifestyle session can be just as much fun as an outdoor session?

What is lifestyle photography?
Lifestyle photography is a style of photography that aims to capture people and document real life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic manner.

When you book a lifestyle session with me I will come to your home and capture quiet moments with you and your family while you go about your typical routine.  These photos are rarely posed and generally capture your family for who you are and how you love.  A lot of people shy away from lifestyle sessions because they think their house has to be immaculate, or big and beautiful.  That is not the case.  I don’t photograph your home.  I photograph the life and the love that your family shares.

Here are just a few of the photographs I have captured recently of my children, to give you an idea of what lifestyle photography is all about.

This picture is very special to me.  The stuffed animal that my son is holding was given to him in the hospital when he was born four years ago.  My daughter picked it out for him.  He sleeps with it every night.  In ten years this photo will be such a great reminder of how small he used to be.




I just love his tiny feet in this one, and if you look up on his lap, you can see the stuffed animal again.





A shot of my beautiful daughter before school on Valentine’s Day












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My son dressed himself in a pair of rock star Converse, jeans, a shirt that said “Here Comes Trouble” and a gray and black striped necktie.  He looked so adorable that I couldn’t help but snap a photo.









Laughing and telling secrets by the Christmas tree.  This will definitely serve as a reminder to them as teenagers that they used to like each other.  🙂



Little hands…who doesn’t love them?


And finally…once my daughter becomes a teenager, this will be a reminder of how tiny she used to be.  I also love the boots that have become her typical fashion statement.