Week 3/52 | Light

Week 3 | Light

I knew as soon as I saw the theme for week 3 that you would be my subject.  You have filled my life with so much light since the day I found out you were growing inside my belly.  This is especially true in recent weeks when I have struggled with the darkness of losing the baby.  You point out beautiful sunrises and sunsets, which is no different from normal – that is something that you and I have always enjoyed looking at, but now you always tell me that is “Jackie” letting us know that she (you insist the baby was a girl) is watching out for us.

Beyond the light that you bring into my life with your smiles, your stories, and your laughter, you have an even more beautiful light that is glowing softly inside you.  Sometimes you feel unsure of yourself.  You worry that other people are looking at you or laughing at you.  You’re afraid to make mistakes.  You are hard on yourself and you struggle with your temper.  You worry that you’re a bad person and mean because you yell.  But you care about other people.  You hate to see people hurting.  You are an amazing big sister and are fiercely protective of your brothers.  You are passionate about the things that matter – like friendship and Jesus.

There will come a day when everyone will see the light inside you.  When they will be blinded by it’s beautiful brightness.  Don’t EVER let anyone put that light out.  I see it.  I know it’s there.  Someday you will, too




Project 365 Day 2 – “Snow Day”

We are snowed in today with 7+ inches of snow already.  In an attempt to get some exercise in I headed out to shovel the driveway before hubby went to work (all exercise benefits were quickly thwarted when I ate 5 slices of garlic pizza for lunch.  Whoops!)  My Reuben came outside to help me and we enjoyed chatting and throwing a little bit of snow at each other.  I figured this was the perfect time for me to get my camera and get my shot in for today.


Lifestyle Photography

With the weather being colder a lot of people forgo typical photo sessions to stay inside.  If you have a new baby or younger children it only makes sense, but did you know that a lifestyle session can be just as much fun as an outdoor session?

What is lifestyle photography?
Lifestyle photography is a style of photography that aims to capture people and document real life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic manner.

When you book a lifestyle session with me I will come to your home and capture quiet moments with you and your family while you go about your typical routine.  These photos are rarely posed and generally capture your family for who you are and how you love.  A lot of people shy away from lifestyle sessions because they think their house has to be immaculate, or big and beautiful.  That is not the case.  I don’t photograph your home.  I photograph the life and the love that your family shares.

Here are just a few of the photographs I have captured recently of my children, to give you an idea of what lifestyle photography is all about.

This picture is very special to me.  The stuffed animal that my son is holding was given to him in the hospital when he was born four years ago.  My daughter picked it out for him.  He sleeps with it every night.  In ten years this photo will be such a great reminder of how small he used to be.




I just love his tiny feet in this one, and if you look up on his lap, you can see the stuffed animal again.





A shot of my beautiful daughter before school on Valentine’s Day












stamp3 stamp4

My son dressed himself in a pair of rock star Converse, jeans, a shirt that said “Here Comes Trouble” and a gray and black striped necktie.  He looked so adorable that I couldn’t help but snap a photo.









Laughing and telling secrets by the Christmas tree.  This will definitely serve as a reminder to them as teenagers that they used to like each other.  🙂



Little hands…who doesn’t love them?


And finally…once my daughter becomes a teenager, this will be a reminder of how tiny she used to be.  I also love the boots that have become her typical fashion statement.


Fairy Tale Princess

On Thanksgiving we had such beautiful weather – sunny and in the low 50’s, that I told my daughter to put on one of her princess dresses because we were going to go outside and take some pictures.  Then my sister put a tad bit of make up on her, and I did her hair for her.  She was cooperative for only a short while, but I managed to get a couple shots that I just adored.

stamp1 stamp2 stamp3 stamp4


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my most beautiful girl.

*Maddy Turns 2*

I am SO behind on blogging!  Trying to catch up and then I need to be more regular about this.  I was invited by Stephanie and Terry to be a part of the celebration for their daughter Maddy’s 2nd birthday.  This is the third time I have photographed Maddy and her family and I really do consider them to be friends now.  I photographed Maddy’s first birthday in 2011, and then last May I did some family photos/three generation photos, and then got to capture some awesome moments at her second birthday.  I am so unbelievably thankful for repeat clients – especially clients as wonderful as these.

Maddy really is a doll.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the party:

stamp1 stamp2 stamp3 stamp4 stamp6 stamp7 stamp8 stamp9


Thank you for your friendship and your continued support, Stephanie!  I appreciate it more than you know!

*G* Family Session

Dana was referred to me by a client and we met on a beautiful Saturday morning in November at her house.  As I drove I was worried because the sun wasn’t coming out and there was a lot of fog that I knew would make things difficult for me in getting the shots I wanted, but about two miles from the house I rounded a curve and suddenly the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and there was not a trace of fog.  Somebody up there loved me!

When I got there I snapped some photos of Dana and her daughter in her daughters room and then we all headed outside to get some shots on their property – which was beautiful.  I’m hoping for some leaves on the trees for our next session.

Here are my favorites:

stamp1 stamp2 stamp3 stamp4 stamp5 stamp6 stamp7 stamp8 stamp9


Thank you, Dana and Bill, it was great to meet you.  You have such a great family!

Beautiful Souls

I want to stop reading the stories of the victims and what happened last Friday, but I can’t bring myself to stop clicking the links.  I feel like I need to know as much about these beautiful souls as possible, because I know that if one of my babies was taken away from me I would want the world to know what their laugh sounded like, or how Reuben jumps at the chance to help and gets such joy out of knowing he did a good job.  I would want everyone to know that while Julia struggles with her temper and using kind words sometimes she would do anything for anyone.  Literally.  One day last week she came home from school to tell me that a child she didn’t even know fell on the playground and was crying.  She said that she wished it had been her because she doesn’t like when people cry and it made her heart hurt.

I would want to share with anyone that would listen.  I would want them to know how amazing my babies are.  How much I love them, and how much they love life.  How they love painting and dancing.  How they love laughing and drawing pictures for everyone in their lives.  How Reuben collapses in a fit of giggles if I simply touch his belly, and how Julia likes to paint her fingernails a million different colors.

So I keep reading, and every time I read my heart breaks all over again.  I cry when I hug my kids after dropping them off at school when I think about those parents who will never hug their children again.  I sit silently by their bedside before I go to sleep.  I listen to their breathing and watch their chest rise and fall.  I brush their hair off their forehead and kiss their sweet cheeks.  I say a prayer for those families that will no longer be able to do that.  I lay in bed and I think about those 20 beautiful souls that that will never go to their prom, or drive a car, or get their first kiss.  Those 20 beautiful souls that will never get married or have babies of their own.  I think of the selfless teachers that gave their lives trying to protect them.  And I think of the shooter and his mother.  Yes.  I think of them, too.  Because no matter how heinous the crime, they have family and friends that are suffering. It is a tragedy all around, for everyone involved.

I pray for peace for everyone that was touched by the events of Friday.  I cry, and although I feel incredibly selfish, I thank God with my whole entire being that I still have my babies here with me.